"Snitches Get Stitches"

The following is a response to an article in the New York Post railing against the expense of keeping teachers in rubber rooms while paying them to do nothing. Despite undeniable proof that teachers are being framed and silenced either by the use of rubber rooms or whatever means available in a given district, it is easy to incite the public about the costs and deflect the anger away from the power mongers running our schools and toward the teachers. This faithful prejudice serves EducRAT$ well. Listen to how this teacher describes how he ended up in a rubber room. If doing what a teacher is supposed to to or report abuse against children is now considered snitching, our society is in big trouble. And we can trace this trouble right back to the foundation of our democracy, our schools. NAPTA

02/09/2010 10:47 AM

This is not happening only to teachers but to all staff members of the NYC Department of Education. I must admit that some of the staff members are guilty and should just be terminated but most of them are innocent and the NYC Department of Education just wants to keep them out of the way for some reason or another. In my case, I was a teaching assistant for three years and after witnessing a teacher lose control and shove a ten year old special ed child around as if he was a stuffed animal and reporting her, I was sent to the rubber room, at the rubber room I was threatened. I was told that "snitches get stitches," and feared for my life while in the rubber room. Four months later, I found out that I had been investigated and that the teacher, principal and assistant principal put a plan together to get me fired. I was fired for falsely identifying myself when I filed the report of abuse by a teacher and for filing a false report which was in fact true. I lost my entire career and now they have me black listed. So, for those teachers that are still sitting in rubber rooms on full payroll, more power to you, I was one of the unfortunate ones who had no hearing, no defense, no say...because I was not a teacher who gets "Tenure." The UFT did nothing to protect me and yet for three years they took my money for dues...They are all so corrupt....

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