I was recently employed and unemployed by the Amityville School District. I paid out of my pocket close to a thousand dollars plus received donations for my classroom supplies. All I had were tables and stools, all of which were missing nuts and bolts as well as other hazardous conditions. I was resented by certain entities for supplying my classroom with excellent materials and beautifying the room and then bullied into resigning. The Amityville Administration also interfered with my getting a job with Wyandanch. The NY State Labor Department found in my favor. I am now unemployed collecting benefits.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you this is one malignant school district. I have children and you could not pay me to send my children to the Edmund Miles Middle School where I worked 2002 - 2003.

The environment is not fit for children. The culture is sick and twisted and serves as a detrimental role model for the children. Hall monitors evaluate and belittle nontenured teachers. They make complaints to the arrogant and bully happy principal who has to appease the bully happy superintendent.

These children are at severe risk by a school board and administration that have no emotional intelligence and care not for the mental and emotional well being of children. The children must be nurtured emotionally and mentally and nutritionally. Then the learning can take place thus higher test scores. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THIS! THESE CHILDREN ARE SUFFERING AT THE HANDS OF SELF SERVING INDIVIDUALS PARADING AROUND AS EDUCATORS.

Also, the teachers who live in the district, their children are the ones receiving goodies like AP classes and scholarships not to mention the overinflated recommendations for college. Meanwhile other children cannot even read and write and are pushed through.

The Amityville UFSD needs many watchdogs for many unethical and immoral goings on. Especially the taxpayers’ money. Send people to walk through Edmund Miles Middle School at any given time without warning and inspect the furniture and supplies. Go into the 1965 bathrooms with 1965 fixtures that are disgusting to say the least. Listen to the way Dr. DeSorbe speaks to his subordinates and check out the hall monitors. Maybe they cleaned up some since I was there.

In conclusion; watch them, and watch them, and watch them. Never turn your back especially on the money. Help the children, save the children,

Ellen Belfiore: X - Home and Careers Teacher


Originally found at: http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/development/Grant%20Awards.htm


The New York State Education Department has awarded grants totaling $5 million to thirty schools districts throughout New York State. The State funds support proposals for professional development of instructional staff to improve their skills to help students achieve the State standards and assessments. The proposals are model programs addressing four professional development targets:

  • Effective use of technology in the regular classroom setting
  • Pre-kindergarten programs
  • Children with disabilities in the regular classroom setting
  • Non-disabled children who demonstrate the need for increased academic attention
Other areas of need demonstrated by the local district that relate to student instruction may also be supported.

Wyandanch UFSD
Contact: Brian DeSorbe
(516) 491-1021

This project will further implement the ATLAS Communities Pathway model, which combines strategies of the School Development Program at Yale University, Project Zero at Harvard University, the Coalition of Essential Schools at Brown University, and the Education Development Center of Greater Boston. It provides monthly meetings, study groups and sharing events, two additional superintendent conference days, and visits to other Atlas sites to observe practices that would have a positive impact on the district. $190,000


Subject: The "Damage Control Shuffle"

Message: I lost the battle, but not the war. Amityville UFSD has been investigated by the Feds, the County DA, and now the state dept of education. GOD BLESS

I lost my discrimination case because of reasons that are very, very, disturbing.

  1. The Superintendent shuffles people around in the district to keep from getting statements from them. All they have to say is "I do not remember" and the complaint is dismissed.

  2. The Superintendent calls a faculty meeting to get everyone on the same page of lies. The Superintendent tells everyone what to say to the questions anticipated from Human rights. They all follow suit and lie, lie, lie in writing to human rights.

  3. The superintendent says he hired a zillion new teachers of all ages and races. How could I claim discrimination. Because we all know the superintendent will fire and hire a zillion new teachers every year, only tenuring family members, cronys, and to hush up teachers with potential lawsuits like the art teacher who was severely assaulted by a student, DeSorbe is now clamoring to give her tenure.

But Human rights does not have the manpower or the proper tools to do an extensive investigation!!!! Which would turn up more foul smelling goings on than you could shake a stick at.

THIS IS WHY THEY CAN get away with it!!!!!!!

My first mistake was missing the statute of limitations with the Federal EEOC You must file immediately when you suspect foul play. They will coach you how to build a case. They are competent, capable, and very thorough.

Otherwise you are stuck with the State Human Rights Dept as in NY. The computers are always down, the Investigators are overworked and to save money, the state hires para's instead of full fledged trained investigators. The investigations are half/assed, lack of working technology, manpower, etc...

Now I am told to go after Brian DeSorbe in Civil Court. This is where I get them caught up in all the lies. I was told I stand an excellent chance in civil court.

Like O.J. who won in criminal court but lost in civil, this is what I am Hoping for

Why am I bothering? So all of you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully my successes.

So all who were tortured and abused like me will hopefully file successful discrimination suits

We are doing this for the future of our grand and great grand children. We must stop the corruption in the public schools and make them our public schools once again.

We must take our schools back from elite family groups who feel they and their off springs are the only people entitled to the public school jobs, and taxpayers money.

We must stop the colleges from knowingly and willfully taking money from people who think they will get a teaching job when this is the furthest from the truth. And the college certification professors know it. The college certification professors are well aware of who to support in their endeavor and who not to support.

This is one big racket. This is why I will continue to fight!

The Racket

$42,000 – $100,000
entry - top-pay
certified does not mean qualified

good pay and summers off teacher-shortage

In General

Back In the late 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s all the teaching jobs were filled. The job was not high paying and attracted mostly women as teachers. Men who got into education usually went for the admin jobs because of higher pay. Thus, was the creation of the good ole boys club overseeing a mostly female population of teachers.

The late 1980’s saw an aging burnt out teacher population. It was impossible to get rid of incompetent or burnt out teachers because of the bit with tenure and the unions. The buzz was to get rid of the old burnt out teachers. The buzz was that tenure protected the incompetent and burnt out teachers. Administrators learned that in order to get rid of unwanted tenured teachers they had to create a paper- trail over time. The paper- trail tactic worked. Admins were now able to force unwanted teachers out and bring in new blood. But the low salaries were not attracting the material girls of the late 1980’s and 1990’s and certainly not men. Around this time, the college teacher certification programs were starving for students and their money as well. Teaching programs were being dropped from some colleges. Teacher shortage was now the new buzz of the late 1990’s.

Low salaries will not attract the brightest and the best and the public also wanted men teachers to ‘defeminize’ if you will, the profession. The early 1990’s also saw teachers picketing for more money. The public was behind the higher salaries as well. The public believed the higher salaries would attract the brightest and the best and men. So, Long Island, in the 1990’s, saw amazing entry level salary hikes to $38,000 – $42,000 and top pay became anywhere from $75,000 on the south shore to $100,000 on the north shore. Teaching now became desirable to the young college students. The buzz is now; good pay and summer’s off.

You rarely saw the children of teachers and administrators become teachers at one time. They wanted their children to become doctors and lawyers where the real money was. But now, with the rise in teachers’ salaries, rise in malpractice insurance and lawsuits, this began to change. Getting a job in the public schools is now good pay, clean and easy work, and the weekly school schedule with weekends, holidays, and summers off just too good to be true. So, the admins and teachers began to steer their own children into teaching. And now they want to guarantee their child get a position. But, according to the law, I believe that principals cannot hire their own family members so this is where the collusion or cartel begins.

Administrators now, not only make deals to hire each other’s offspring within one district, but many districts will collude with each other to do this. It gets worse. Before hire is made, a minimum of 4 candidates must be fully interviewed. What better way to keep the college teaching programs full of paying, unknowing, students, to be nothing more than a ‘minyan’ if you will for administrators hiring nepotisms anyway. Teacher-shortage is now nothing more than propaganda. At its worst, some administrators will destroy the careers of teachers simply to open up the position for a new hire, nepotism within the cartel.

This is the new face of what is going on in education right now.