White Chalk Crime™: The REAL Reason Schools Fail, by Karen Horwitz, is a teacher’s attempt to initiate school reform by presenting testimony of 140+ award winning educators who enlighten the public about teacher abuse and its companion, White Chalk Crime™.

It scales the self-serving EducRAT$' formerly impenetrable moat designed to shut the public out of their "business." And business it is, as you will learn in this comprehensive discourse on what is truly wrong with our schools.

It also describes the author’s abusive experience at Avoca, an affluent suburban Chicago school district, and her disheartening journey through the courts, including the US Supreme Court. It carves the first authentic path for school reform.

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Below is a suggested note to include with copies you send to public officials, the media, or any others who need to know:

This book documents a scandal that desperately needs a hero. As a voiceless teacher or parent trying to speak for children, or a citizen concerned about the misuse of funds as well as the future of this nation, I respectfully ask that you read this book or pass it on to someone with the power to protect our children who will take the time to read this book. It will teach you just why our schools are so dysfunctional as well as abusive to children, teachers, parents, and anyone who is not a part of the organized White Chalk Crime that has been so carefully hidden.

Dedicated to the children I remain,

Please improve upon the message. Teachers/educators keep in mind that it is important to stress the children since, in the end all of this is about us being abused for having advocated for them in a system that puts money and power first. Granted teacher abuse is disgraceful and what happened to us is appalling, but until people understand White Chalk Crime, the public will continue to blame teachers. My core goal with this book was to shift the blame from our shoulders squarely onto the shoulders of those who deserve it. But until people read this, they will tend to not care about us and thus focusing on the children is what will reach outsiders for now. Once they read this book they will know where to direct their rage and will finally do so. But our challenge is to get people reading this. We know that the children are equal if not bigger losers in the system we are protesting. So let's reach the hearts and minds of outsiders and finally build the power we have never had since the public would love us if they only knew what was going on.