MESSAGE from NAPTA President

Below is a description of the plight of abused teachers across this nation. This NY teacher explains our circumstances well as he responds to other teachers that have found themselves in a state of loss, believing there is justice.

When I founded NAPTA back in 2002, I did not think any teachers had a chance when up against this powerful system of organized White Chalk Crime. This was confirmed. Since then I have found a few who have "won" but not really. They may have won their cases and received some money, but have typically lost their careers and are usually discussed with scorn for having fought what pretends to be an honorable system.

I founded NAPTA because many of us need to expose the truth for the sake of the children and our nation. Although by networking members feel less isolated and often save themselves from the grief incurred by fighting a losing battle, our mission is educating the public as well as those with the power to stop these power mongers from destroying the foundation of our society.

I was then and still am aware that individuals are virtually powerless. David Pakter describes this level of powerlessness quite accurately. A teacher is better off knowing the facts before entering into a battle. In that way we can help them. Our purpose is to expose this covert system of cleansing good teachers from the system and the sooner you understand this and focus on exposing the root problem, the sooner you will find peace.

Re: A rant...Containing great passion & great pain

David Pakter
Posted on 3/23/1010

I have been following this discussion for some time and am deeply touched and moved by the high degree of passion and pain contained and expressed in the remarks.

Having taught in the NYC public schools system for over four decades, since 1968, I can say that the entire system is corrupt to the core. I am now involved in two lawsuits in the Federal Courts, which contain evidentiary documents regarding these remarks.

I was a highly decorated NYC Educator but once I became a Whistle-blower I immediately rose to the top of the system's "hit list" in 2003 and the NYC schools system has been trying to bury me ever since.

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