<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> NAPTA: TEACHER STORY, NYrubberroom1 </TITLE> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Information concerning teacher abuse is provided by NAPTA, The National Association for the Prevention of Teacher Abuse, with the intent to force change."> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="teacher, abuse, education, reform, school, board, corruption, whistleblowing, bully, politics, workplace"> </HEAD> <BODY LINK="red" VLINK="black"> <A NAME="WHY"></A> <CENTER><IMG SRC="logos/teachlogo.gif" WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="175" ALT="Logo" usemap="#teachlogo" border="0"></CENTER><BR> <map name="teachlogo"> <area shape="rect" coords="413,11,556,86" href="index.html" title=""> <area shape="default" nohref> </map> <BLOCKQUOTE><BLOCKQUOTE><BLOCKQUOTE> <FONT SIZE="-1" FACE="Arial" COLOR="red"> Those in power in NY are trying to make you believe that rubber rooms were created to get rid of bad teachers when the truth is they exist to punish teachers who care about their students and have the integrity and courage to speak up about what is right for children. Below is the testimony of one more rubber room detainee who wishes he could use his name, but knows what is in store for him if he does. Recently they decided to end rubber rooms and instead have these alleged "bad" teachers do clerical work. This is meaningless since what they did not end was the purging of quality educators from the system. Rubber rooms were not designed to get rid of bad teachers. EducRAT$ do not desire to get rid of bad teachers. Truly bad teachers help them sell the story that the teachers are the problem so you won't go snooping around to discover that they, the White Chalk Criminals holding all the power, are the problem. Bad teachers are their salvation, the answer to their greedy prayers. They are their decoys. They are their ace in the hole. As long as they get you blaming teachers, they are off scot free. So they need to surround themselves with truly bad teachers so you will fall for their propaganda. For this reason you won't find many truly bad teachers in the rubber room or being terminated. But because the public has fallen for these lies, when a teacher is labeled bad they automatically assume this must be true as these "wonderful people" running our schools would not think of doing anything this evil. Well, folks, an awful lot of smart people thought the same about Bernie Madoff and the same about some pretty evil priests. When are you going to wake up to the truth? Until you do, your children are being held hostage by White Chalk Criminals. This is not okay. NAPTA </FONT><BR> <h3><center>Award Winning Teacher in Rubber Room</center></h3> <p> I am a NYC, DOE teacher with over 32 years experience (part of it in private education.) I was recently placed in a "re-assignment center" (rubber room" after my principal; set me up for alleged verbal abuse/teacher misconduct. It is a disgrace and humiliation is what the NYCDOE is doing to this profession. Thank God for the message you are sending out through "NAPTA." Unfortunately, I cannot afford to let you use my name. </p> <p> Anonymous NY Rubber Room Detainee </p> <CENTER> <FONT SIZE="-1" COLOR="black" FACE="Times Roman"><A HREF="#WHY">Top</A></FONT><BR><BR> <IMG SRC="buttons/backarrow.gif" WIDTH="30" HEIGHT="18" ALT="Back"> <A HREF="background.html#twenty">BACKGROUND</A><BR> </BLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE> </BODY> </HTML>