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Thank you for choosing to join NAPTA.


There is no charge to join NAPTA. To become a member, all you need to do is to fill out the membership form and indicate that you have been a witness to teacher abuse (abuse to yourself or anyone in a school system advocating for children including administrators, staff members, board members, or parents) as well as give us a short description of what you witnessed so you can be part of a voice that the powers that be will have to hear.

OR, if you have not directly witnessed abuse against anyone speaking truth to those who run our schools, but after reading about teacher abuse you agree with us, please also join as one who supports this movement to expose the sinister process at the core of our dysfunctional schools.

You can include a short story/editorial, either about the abuse you have witnessed or your opinions about how power mongers have stolen our schools, to be posted in the comment section of the membership form; send a longer story to Karen Horwitz, NAPTA President. Please indicate if you want your writing posted with your name or anonymously.

We need as many members as possible to prove that there is a DELIBERATE agenda of removing the teachers who care enough about children to stand up to the deceitful powers that be. Each member brings us one step closer to our goal of ending teacher abuse so real education reform can begin. Learn more about NAPTA membership here: Advantages to Joining.

As a precaution against spam, we are asking applicants to pass a "human" test before filling out our application. The "password" below cannot be seen by robots. Please type what you see in the area provided and you will obtain the NAPTA Membership Form. Be careful, the test is case sensitive. Again, thank you for joining and for your cooperation.

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