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by Karen Horwitz, President, NAPTA

In 1992, I earned my Masters degree in Reading and returned to teaching after having raised a family only to discover teacher abuse and its deadly effects on this profession. I began working as a teacher activist in 1995, not knowing one other teacher courageous enough to speak publicly.

I persevered as a teacher, while being harassed, so I could document what the administrators were doing, and expose it. I wanted to accumulate proof to show public officials and I have it because I was terminated and had a hearing that fully demonstrates what a disgrace teaching is. (I turned down a multiple six figure offer to go away so I could have this proof.)

Within three years I found one other person who would speak out. Within six years I found three. In 2002, the number grew to approximately ten. Darlene Goodman of New Mexico and I co founded NAPTA in the summer of 2002, so we could locate enough voices to be heard and force change upon our corrupt schools and created a website at By the fall of 2004, after our web site had been in existence for two years, we had nearly 300 members;by 2007, we had over 700 members. And by 2009 we are well over 1000, with members joining at a greater pace. We are working hard to get their stories on line, but since we have no money coming in, it is a slow process. Know that we have many more stories to prove our position than what you see on line!"

We need concerned parents, former students and citizens to also support our cause, since it is about good and safe schools for children and to advance citizenship. In addition to teachers who can speak, we need teachers who need to remain anonymous until it is safe to speak out. Simply reading about our dark journeys through the bowels of the education world, you will understand why few have stepped forward up until now. At the onset, we attracted twenty voices merely by word of mouth, and decided it was time to launch a web site and allow the power of the Internet to seal the fate of the perpetrators of institutionalized child abuse - the final product of teacher abuse. The Internet is key to our success; this could not have happened prior to this decade and that is why it did not happen.

Meanwhile, I took my own teacher termination case up through the courts to show just how little justice there is for teachers. See what my case tells us about the state of justice in our nation, i.e. justice and politics are connected at the hip,! I named my case Dread School after the infamous Dred Scott case as both show the worst of what this country can be.

And last, but not least, I wrote a book, White Chalk Crime: The REAL Reason Schools Fail, to serve as a guide for all who care about our failing schools, as to how teacher abuse ensures that reform cannot take place. I believe that much of why our schools are so dysfunctional is that what is going on is so complex and so controlled by EducRAT$, focused on control of money and power, not our children, that people simply cannot figure it out. EducRAT$' power via propaganda is overwhelming and I am working to cut through that propaganda to reveal the truth why our schools are so pathetic, and physically dangerous to our souls. Thus, a manual as to how this all works is essential. The website does provide a beginning,but the book will take you well beyond where it goes and is less difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, I encourage you to at least read through POLITICS and check out STAGES of ABUSE to gain insight into how teacher abuse works for our greedy EducRAT$. And then DOWNLOAD the first few chapters of my book. (Contact me if you would like to read the entire book but cannot afford to purchase it.)

My belief is one of two things will happen: those in power will hear us and balance the playing field so good people have a voice in education or this truth that our schools are merely a gold mine for EducRAT$ with no concern for children, once surfaced, with the added knowledge that those in power outside education, do not care, will encourage future generations to not become teachers. It is the second best thing that could happen since the laws of supply and demand that affect the free market will force those in power to treat teachers properly once they are not a dime a dozen - a phenomenon because so many of us love children, love the promise of education and want to make a difference. If you read what happened when another group planned a march to expose what is going on, you will see why we need brave educators to pave the way for the majority of educators who will fold rather than stand up to White Chalk Crime, what I call this out of control power that is ruining our schools. We need a large membership, with support by powerful people who care about children, before a march stands any chance when up against the mother of all bullying!

Once it is known that making a difference is not an option for teachers, since we are merely tools of ruthless power mongers wanting to fill their own pockets, their "bait and switch" approach to luring good people into teaching will no longer work and something will have to change. Our profession closely resembles slave trade, which promises riches and lures girls to other countries where they are then held hostage and forced to relinquish their bodies and lose their dignity. In education, promises of making a difference lured us to teaching, but then we were forced to relinquish our souls and go along to get along as children are denied their rights and laws are broken. Only teachers who fall into line - the Stepford teachers - succeed. The rest of us are broken, humiliated, robbed of our property rights, and defamed to the point that we become voiceless. And all of this can happen because few are courageous enough to stand with each outspoken teacher as she is individually spiritually dismembered and thus we have no voice.

I started this group because I knew I had the resources not to be spiritually dismembered and I am still standing after all these years - 15+ at this point - because I did not need to make a living as most teachers do. I not only have a husband to support me financially, but he is a courageous attorney who supports this organization so all teachers will finally have a voice. Teachers as an underclass model is the essence of why our schools are so dismal and I am doing everything in my power to change this. Someone had to lead this movement or it was not going to go anywhere. That is why I do this work, which at first glance appears for teachers, but is for good schools. It is for the teachers who are for the children, which contrary to public belief is most of us. However, with teachers (and educators who care including counselors, aides, bus drivers and even some administrators) terrorized into submission, it is impossible to know this, and this lack of knowledge keeps our schools in the hands of billies and criminals, not in the hands of good people.

And make no mistake, as these EducRAT$ model bullying to our children, our children learn that bullying, or vying for power not establishing a just community of people, is the way for them too! Each time you hear about a bullied student hanging himself, know that this was a student crying out for help for this toxic system where all but those in control are denied boundaries and thus subject to their arbitrary whims. Read one of many stories about educators being ordered to cover up bullying because those running our schools need the public to think they care about children, when so few do. We have, "The EducRAT$í Way to Deal with Suicidal Students: Pretend You Donít Know!", Sallie Montanye's PA story about how she was harassed for helping her suicidal student because "helping a student not commit suicide was not on this student's IEP." It doesn't get much more ruthless than what we are finding in our schools! This is so much more than workplace abuse against teachers; this is the destruction of the American dream in progress!

In the meantime, we need every voice out there to join this grass roots movement as I need numbers to persuade someone in power to expose this in a big way-my ultimate goal. Whether it is Oprah via television or Obama via his ability to be heard, only with numbers will anyone take this on. The lucky person who is going to reform our schools is still unknown, but this opportunity will not be passed up by people who care once our voices are out there. We benefit from each member whether anonymous or outspoken. We protect anonymity when needed because there are enough of us with nothing left to lose to remain in the front lines for those with everything to lose - we do not encourage outspokenness in the present power structure, but understand that each person has to answer to his or her own soul. So please go to this link and join. Membership is free to you, but costly to EducRAT$! Each new member is a light for our country's future. Please Join Us.

Most importantly, get your story to us whether it needs to be anonymous or not. Don't let those in power have the only voice for children. We have all seen what they have done. The following is just one example of EducRAT speak that we must expose for what it is - propaganda to keep education in the hands of those who personally benefit, not for our children.

Dr. Willliam R. Hazard, an alleged educational expert, who, for a healthy fee, testifies on the behalf of school districts all over the country, made a statement at my dismissal hearing that motivated us to create this web site. He was questioned about the possibility that principals or superintendents could be the initiators and perpetuators of harmful relationships with teachers rather than the teacher being the cause, i.e. teacher abuse.

He responded, "Absolutely. Occasionally they will have a flaw in their interaction. I just don't see it happen where a principal or a superintendent says by God, I am going to go out and get that person. Those are war stories you can never track down."

When questioned whether he could say it never happens, he responded, "Anything can happen. Cows can fly. Or is it horses?" Transcript Avoca v. Horwitz, 2197

Flying Cow HE AND MANY OTHER EDUCATORS BENEFIT FINANCIALLY BY MAKING SURE THESE WAR STORIES ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO TRACK DOWN. NAPTA INTENDS TO MAKE COWS OR HORSES FLY. (By the way, FYI, it is pigs. But how could we expect Dr. Hazard to get that right? Check out a movie to learn the tactics of hazardous people like Dr. Hazard.) )

These people are our voice.
We must make it louder.
Here are some of our current allies in the cause to end teacher abuse. Keep checking back as we continually add new stories.

NAPTA is proud to post the stories of our members; these stories reveal in a personal and powerful way the devastation caused by corrupt school systems. It is imperative that teachers have the right to report corruption in schools without fear of reprisal. NAPTA offers educators a forum for revealing the truth about education in America. We know from painful personal experience that outrageous, unbelievable stories of teacher abuse occur. NAPTA is not able to verify the accuracy of the posted stories of its members. NAPTA can neither guaranty nor imply the correctness or validity of any part or all of the information that is contained in these stories. It therefore disavows any responsibility whatsoever for their content. The liability of NAPTA for any or all loss or damage arising out of or resulting from the use of the stories shall be limited to the removal of the story from the website. If anyone believes that they have been misrepresented, misquoted, maligned or in any other manner been dealt with in an untruthful manner, NAPTA welcomes an open dialogue with such person regarding all of the issues, and NAPTA will responsibly and voluntarily remove any stories or any parts of stories that misrepresent the truth. Upon the request of a member, NAPTA will accept and post his or her story on an anonymous basis and will take all reasonable measures to assure that any confidential information will not be disclosed.

Become enlightened!

Karen Horwitz, President, NAPTA
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