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Feeling abused and falsely accused; yet stuck! If you stand up for yourself, you may encounter poor evaluations, greater on-going criticisms, increased loss of peer connections, or worse, lose enthusiasm for your work or even lose your job.

You try the union and soon learn that real support may not be available. You think about hiring an attorney, but realize how expensive attorneys are and how little they can do until you actually lose your job. An attorney can help guide you into creating a paper trail to strengthen your case if you are fired, but you really don't want to be fired. You want to stop the harassment.

How about having someone write letters from an informed position of how the system works, which demonstrate your cooperativeness, but that you sign and send--when you are ready!

A long term anonymous NAPTA member is now offering this service to other NAPTA members at a deep discount of 50%--$60 for an hour, $30 for a 1/2 hour, or $15 for a quarter hour! The cost is generally $120 an hour. You can pay for a brief consult with the provider, a former professional educator/psychotherapist, who offers this service to determine what may be involved.

NAPTA MEMBERS can contact Ed Defuser through NAPTA.

There are teachers who have experienced success with this method. Educators don't expect the strength you will exhibit through this process, and that helps diffuse the abuse! For a $15 investment, you have little to lose and the chance that your situation can change and/or that you will feel strengthened.