EPIC’s DC March: EducRAT$ Achieve a Coup

This is the ONLY news you can read about the teachers’ march held in Washington, DC on October 18, 2008, despite hitting the press release newswire earlier this month: FAIRFAX, Va., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/

Thousands of teachers and their supporters, some wearing paper bags on their heads to hide their identities, were expected to converge on the nation's capital Oct. 18 to send a strong message that abuse of teachers must stop because they are the anchors of the education system.

EPIC, led by Myra Sawyers, organized this march to promote power for teachers, based on their accurate belief that teacher powerlessness means ineffective schools. Members of NAPTA know that powerlessness is a deliberate program to keep our schools in the hands of the EducRAT$ who rely on absolute power to carry out their White Chalk Crime, an agenda that if known could not be permitted in a democracy.

The same people that have destroyed our schools have made sure that this march failed to inform the public about White Chalk Crime. Superintendents circulated emails warning teachers about what attendance at the march meant to them: the participants would not be considered “team players.” They labeled EPIC as agitators and warned against participating. Union leaders did likewise, spreading the word that teachers might “get in trouble” if they were to attend. The intimidation worked! Well over a thousand teachers had signed up with EPIC to attend. NAPTA had asked local universities to have their students serve as proxies for teachers across America without travel funds. Yet, a total of about 40 people attended the march with more than two-thirds of them being speakers, volunteer workers, NAPTA members, or family members thereof. At the most there were 12 attendees, and some of them were merely passing by. Although we can confirm that one reporter from the Washington Post was in attendance, and there may have been other reporters that did not identify themselves to anyone, nothing was reported so far, and we anticipate nothing will be. It does not have to be reported as long as no one knows what is going on!

I have worked on exposing White Chalk Crime for twelve years now, muzzled by the propaganda that tax monies buy. This event was no different. EducRAT$ hold the power to hide any evidence. I doubt a teacher will produce the intimidating emails because they could be traced back to her or him. I doubt a reporter will testify to the pressure not to report this event put upon him or her because exposing what is politically unpopular means job loss. So the truth of the matter must be deduced by using common sense; an absurd outcome is data that must be analyzed and spread for the sake of our children.

Wouldn’t one think that an unattended march for which over 1000 teachers signed up and for which several buses were chartered to bring in local teachers was newsworthy? Considering that at the march we announced that some of these buses were canceled due to a superintendent’s threatening email, one would think it was worthy of investigating, particularly when the reporter heard testimony about covert White Chalk Crime and teacher abuse in our schools, as well as vivid descriptions of public safety issues and child abuse. After all, it is agreed our schools are failing. It is agreed that there is a problem that no one can figure out. Wouldn’t you think that the media would want to pry open these tax subsidized doors? When you read the contents of the speeches presented that day (at the link below), particularly the direct link to Columbine, you will know beyond a doubt that our system is failing its people as it causes our nation’s downfall. How could a reporter in a democratic nation hear this and not report this?

Furthermore, what does this lack of attendance suggest about teachers? They have no interest in hearing about teacher abuse and do not care about their profession? They are fine with denying their colleagues a voice when if teacher abuse is truly occurring (which it is), they could stop it? Could a reporter actually look at an occurrence such as this as meaningless and unworthy of press? Wouldn’t it raise concerns such as: why do these leaders need to intimidate teachers; why would teachers be so cavalier about their profession to discount such an event where teachers needed to use bags to hide their identities; wouldn’t these observably cavalier teachers ignore the concerns of their students as they ignored the concerns of their fellow teachers and thus pose a problem for student safety; and are our schools well functioning enough to deserve a pass on press?

With 1/3 of our children dropping out of school, out of control violence, and teachers having sex with students, wouldn’t the snubbing of a costly and professionally organized protest and presentation of answers to fix our schools - everything from tents, wide screen and high tech apparatus to boxed lunches for the press - raise eyebrows? Doesn’t a full-blown brush-off, reeking of overkill, occurring within a system so in need of repair speak volumes about how organized White Chalk Crime truly is? Doesn’t the media’s failure to report something amiss when educators bear witness to public safety issues and child abuse and no one in the profession cares cry out that the media has a role in White Chalk Crime? The absurdity of this outcome validates that White Chalk Crime is so threatening that our voices had to be thoroughly asphyxiated by all who want to keep their jobs, not just teachers!

In a democracy free speech forces the weighing of decisions by those in leadership positions. With access to information, people can express their desires to their leaders. In a closed society or fascist regime there is no free speech and no weighing of decisions. What the leaders want goes, period. What we now have in our country is an interesting mix, or what I call creative fascism, where ideas that conflict with the powers that be are trapped in a vacuum. We have an education system with the power to do whatever it wants and thus hide its wrongdoing, much of which is criminal. Stopping its employees from participating in a protest is simple. With their absolute power, fear is easily ignited. More importantly, this system has organized itself comfortably with the media so that all it needs to do is let it be known that publicity cannot happen, and it won’t! What’s more, this lack of publicity about wrongdoing sways the courts, which simply trust our EducRAT$, and what we have is another unregulated system headed towards the same doomed fate as our financial institutions.

It may seem that our education system anointed with absolute power, above the press, and above the law, poses no threat to our open society, i.e. we still have a democracy despite this fascist-like subsystem. However, sure as the banks have failed under greedy leaders who enjoyed little to no regulations, our schools will crash and you will find an entire nation of undereducated people, denied an understanding of democracy, who will turn over their power to the only people who can think critically. Thus, White Chalk Crime is fascism in process, hidden fascism, or creative fascism; it will close our free society.

October 18, 2008 is a watershed date. It may mark the beginning of the end of democracy and loss of our American dream, or it may mark the beginning of the end of White Chalk Crime or the taking back of our schools so we can rebuild our democracy as our founding fathers had intended. The outcome will be up to the people. However, the people need to know the truth so they will know that the snuffing out of democracy is happening. As the boys abused by priest whose stories went unreported and thus abuse continued until someone at the Boston Globe did the right thing, teachers, students, parents and citizens will suffer losses until this truth is reported. With Columbine lurking around every corner expect these losses to be severe.

In the documentary, End of America, Naomi Wolf said: “Psychiatrists know that prolonged isolation makes mentally healthy people insane.” Teacher abuse has this as its core purpose so that none of us can bear witness to the shame that blankets our system of education. Make no mistake; thwarting this march is teacher abuse at is best! The EducRAT$’ ability to ensure that almost no one heard our speeches threatens our progressively hollowed out democracy. For that reason, I suggest that you copy this as well as the calculatedly unheard speeches at the link below and pass them around until one person with power and integrity stands up for our children, our teachers, and the future of democracy.