by Jo & Joseph Blase

We are delighted to be able to offer you this MUST READ book at an exclusive 25% discount. This will bring the price of the paperback book from $32.95 to $24.71 and the hardcopy from $71.95 to $53.96. The book cannot be purchased anywhere else for this price. (The discount may not appear on the invoice, but will be applied.)

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Rather than partake in the profits, we are passing this opportunity on to the public so more people can and will read this important book. Although we are a non profit organization and intend to use any earnings for the benefit of teachers all over our nation, we strongly believe that this book is the portal to transforming our schools. As a group of teachers who put children first, we are committed to keeping our priorities in order and believe that the funds needed to carry out our mission will flow as they should in this worthy cause.

In order to expand the readership even further, we are arranging a


When you complete reading this book, we are requesting that you circulate it amongst friends and others, and then return it to us so we can sell it at a reduced price, or so we can offer it at no cost to anyone who cannot afford to purchase this book. We will maintain a list of people requesting used or no cost copies in an effort to overcome any obstacle that might get in the way of reading to break the silence. In contrast with our educational establishment, money never was and will never be our primary focus, yet we need funds to maintain our organization. Therefore, any money we earn through the sale of used books or other items, will be utilized to keep our organization in existence and to help abused teachers in need. Therefore, by recycling your book you will be helping us, as well as helping to break the silence.

Please send your used copies of BREAKING THE SILENCE, along with an optional note of encouragement to a teacher to:

P. Powell,
1803 Polk Street,
Alexandria, LA 71301

If you choose to include a note, we will make sure a teacher receives your note as we connect, forming a human shield to empower teachers to stand up to their oppressors and provide schools where real teaching can thrive.

"Courage is not absence of fear, but the management of it." Rudy Giuliani

We can all play a role in helping teachers manage their fear!


Please contact our RECYCLE FOR REFORM Program if you wish to reserve a used copy of this book when they become available. Be sure to include your name and address. Your telephone number is optional as long as we have your email address with which to contact you. We will maintain a list and fill orders on a first come, first served basis at the cost of $11 plus $3 for shipping. If you need a reduced price, please indicate that on your request and we will do our best to accommodate you.