TEACHERS NEEDED: Help End Teacher Abuse

Drs. Jo and Joseph Blase, the two acclaimed professors who authored Breaking the Silence, the groundbreaking book exposing teacher abuse, are using this site to collect more research to further the cause of forcing this dirty secret into the light. We need teachers to fill out our anonymous questionnaire so that the Blases can use the information to substantiate their claim that teacher mistreatment is a serious issue that must stop for reform to begin in our schools.

We urge you to take the time to fill this out since it is an opportunity to be heard anonymously, without retaliation. NAPTA is committed to protecting teachers and we are providing this research tool as one more vehicle for having our voices heard. Although many of us are willing and able to speak out publicly as we have nothing left to lose, many of us must remain anonymous to keep our jobs. We can assure you that any identifying information, such as your email address, will not be released to the researchers unless you specifically contact us telling us you want to be in contact with the researchers.

To compile data for Breaking the Silence, the Blases interviewed fifty teachers. None of those fifty teachers were ever contacted about NAPTA since their identifying information was destroyed as per the Blases' upfront promise. Now that our web site exists, countless teachers can safely share their experiences with our promise that only the data will be relayed to the Blases. Those of us who want teacher abuse to end must not pass up this opportunity.

We hope you will also join NAPTA knowing that we promise to keep your name anonymous. But even if you are too frightened to fill out a membership form, filling out this questionnaire is a minimal step in the direction of change that is so needed. Every teacher who allows fear to stop her/him from taking this step to force change, empowers administrators to continue and enhance predatory behavior toward teachers, which we all know helps to further harm children. Do not pass up this opportunity.

Any questions, contact