How to Recognize Teacher Abuse:

Do you have a feeling that something is wrong, but you are not sure what it is?

Do you have a feeling that you are being watched or scrutinized?

Do you work so hard to please your principal that you feel worn out?

Do you feel that your principal does not value you?

Are you being criticized rather than encouraged by your principal?

Have you lost the energy or joy you once had in teaching?

Do you feel sick, anxious, tired or depressed a lot of the time?

Do you feel that your colleagues cannot be trusted since they would turn another colleague in to feel more secure in their position?

What To Do If You Are a Teacher Who is Being Abused:

Recognize that no one has the right to control you. It is everyone's human right to live without fear.

Understand that you are not responsible for the abuse. You are not to blame.

Recognize that the principal is not likely to stop the abuse. In fact, the abuse usually continues and gets worse.

Keep a personal record of incidents and conversations involving harrassment or abuse by your principal. Write down details for yourself as soon as possible and keep your documentation in a safe place.

Know that you are not alone. Teacher abuse by principals is common in our schools.

It is important to break the silence. Contact this site for confidential support from people who have experienced abuse. Ask for a pen pal so that you have someone supporting you and reminding you that your feelings are legitimate.

Seek professional help from a qualified counselor who is knowledgeable about teacher abuse. However, know that few counselors are knowledgeable about abuse since it is such a well kept secret.

Consider transferring or leaving your job as soon as you recognize abuse is taking place.

Do not doubt your competence, talents or abilities.

Trust yourself and your experience. Believe in your own strength.